Choosing your accommodation

There are generally four types of accommodation on a cruise ship and as a rule, the higher up the ship you are, the bigger and more luxurious and more expensive it will be.

It's tempting to pick the biggest cabin you can afford, with a balcony if there is one, and it's lovely to have lots of space - and as a real treat, taking a suite can also mean having your own butler. 

However, there are a few things to consider when booking cruise accommodation, not least of which is price. Near a lift you might be disturbed  late at night , while a cabin at the forward end on a large ship may mean a fair walk to the restaurants. You also need to decide how much space you need, whether a balcony is important or whether you would be happy with a window.


These are the largest and most luxurious with living accommodation often spread between a lounge area and a dining room, and even on separate decks and with more than one bathroom. Typically they have a large balcony, possibly with a Jacuzzi, and are located in the most desirable position onboard. A suite may also come with a private butler, ready to meet your every need.  It's worth considering a suite when travelling with family or friends. 

Balcony cabins

A verandah with table and chairs allows you to sit outside while watching the world go by or perhaps, one evening, have dinner on the balcony. Offering you your own personal view when at sea and in port, you can relax fully with a drink while watching the sunset or the sailway from your own personal space.

Outside cabins

This type of cruise accommodation offers a large picture window or portholes. Cheaper than cabins with opening windows, but still offering up amazing vistas when at sea, outside cabins are perfect for those who wish to see the incredible views without the premiums of a private balcony. Some larger cruise lines even offer window cabins with views over the interior of the ship.

Inside cabin

These cabins are located within the interior of the ship and do not offer a window and ideal if you are looking to keep costs down.

Facilities vary between cruise line, but most cabins will have an en suite bathroom, television, telephone, hairdryer, safe, air conditioning and on some ships, a refrigerator. Other additions can include bathrobes, a daily fruit basket, fresh flowers, complimentary wines and 24 hour service.

Selecting cruise accommodation is a very personal choice and your decision may be affected by your itinerary, so visit your CLIA UK & Ireland accredited cruise agent who will be able to help in making your choice.

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